Decorate your space!

Trying before buying is simply useful.

The MagicSpace application allows you to view and test 3D objects using real photographs of environments you want to decorate. You can use it to create and view different real time scenarios with the items you always dreamed of.

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MagicSpace is an application for iOS (iPad 2, iPad retina, iPad air, iPad mini, iPhone 4 to 6) that allows you to view 3D objects using real images of environments you want to customise.

It is a Portuguese product that shed new light onto managing spaces and creating environments. The application is designed for you to be able to obtain real time virtual solutions.

MagicSpace comes with a product catalogue. It allows vendors to constantly update it (measurements, finishes or prices) or even add new items.
For buyers, the application guarantees that you have made the right choice, with no doubt whatsoever that the item chosen blends in perfectly with your environment. Find the nearest sales point through georeferencing.

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It works for buyers and is good business for vendors

Intuitive and easy to use, the application is intended for different users in the world of design, decoration, furniture and the public in general.

Take a picture of the space you want to customise or access stored photos of indoor or outdoor environments.

Choose the item you like best from the library.

Rotate, position and touch up overlaps.

You can repeat this process endless times with the objects of your choice.

Editing possibilities are endless.

Save the final version, send it by email, share it on social networks or print it.

You can also use georeferencing to find the nearest sales point for the items you selected.

How it works?

- One finger for positioning.

- Two fingers for rotating.

- Pinch to zoom.

non-professional users

In seconds, you can try different objects.

You can drag or rotate them without scratching the floor or lifting weights.

Try it out until you are convinced.

Get a free trial.

Try it before you buy it. Buy the ideal item.

Your space is magic, enjoy it!

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professional decorators and designers

Provide realistic solutions.

Avoid misunderstandings and ambiguities.

Gain time and objectivity.

Surprise. Shorten distances and improve your rapport with your client.

Bring magic to your projects

vendors and retailers

It provides you with true performance and constant updating.

It makes a difference for vendors who are able to demonstrate their products right in front of you.

It makes it easier to establish new contacts.

It creates new business opportunities.

The magic of reaching clients.

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News and events

Entrevista a Nuno Frade sobre a aplicação "Magic Space" para iPad

"Cada vez mais as pessoas gostam de se personalizar", quem o diz é Nuno Frade, o criador de Magic Space, uma aplicação para iPad que permite testar instantaneamente como ficaria enquadrado um determinado objecto num ambiente real.

The Future of Shopping for iPad was born in Portugal

Competition forces the stores to innovate in the field of selling techniques. In the past, technology could provide little help in this area, now it may be a decisive factor in choosing to do our shopping in store X or Y.

Aplicações num minuto: Magic Space

Entrar numa loja, ver uma peça de decoração e imaginar como ficaria lá em casa. Entrar numa garagem, ver umas jantes e pensar como combinariam com o resto do carro. Se já viveu uma situação destas ou semelhante, a aplicação de hoje é para si.

Melhores apps: MagicSpace

Se quisermos ter uma melhor ideia de como fica um determinado produto num determinado espaço, como fazemos? Recorremos à imaginação? Sobrepomos fotos? Pois é exatamente esta questão que o MagicSpace permite responder.

subscription plans

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250Maximum number of 3D objects
Update during contract
User's Facebook integration
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Personalized app name on Apple Store "(supplier name) - MagicSpace"
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500Maximum number of 3D objects
Update during contract
User's Facebook integration
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Supplier's Twitter integration
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Virtual catalog included

You can find a free version in the App Store for you to start exploring all the application's functions.

Find out which is the best option for your company.

Business Partner - contact us for custom tailored business solutions (e.g. login credentials to share with your sales workforce or selected clients)

  1. Terms of use:
    1. Each 3D object model must be provided in one of the following formats: dwg, dxf, MAX, 3ds, stl or obj. All 3D objects must have attached a file containing all the color details and textures to apply. MagicalStage is solely responsible for optimizing the model for the iPad device.
    2. The price indicated, includes up to a change / renewal of 25% of the parts
  2. Magic Space:
    1. All the 3D objects are owned by the supplier and will only be used for this purpose.
    2. The copyrights belong to the intellectual creator of the piece and are totally protected. We guarantee confidentiality of the data and 3D objects provided. The provided material will not be used for any other purpose or disclosed to third parties.

Enjoy being creative
Your favourite environments.

What clients say about us

Espaço Libris

In addition to the service being very advantageous for my everyday life as a vendor/decorator, the Magicalstage after-sales team is always ready and available to help. I recommend the App to my suppliers, clients and friends.

Paulo, 45 years old

Professional decorator, Espaço Libris


The advantage of having a constantly up-to-date catalogue that is interactive and easy to use is quite handy for the company, as we are always introducing new items and perfecting or redesigning those already on sale. Thank you magicspace :)

Marco Sousa, 39 years old

Professional decorator, Sofmapl

Emotional Brands

It caught my attention right from the beginning and we found the Magicspace App interesting. The feedback we received through the loyalty and understanding of our clients when we showed them the furniture in their living-rooms and bedrooms in real time was impressive.
Thanks to the application, we closed over 50% of our sales in our first contact with clients.

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